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-For absolutely everyone-

Our Mission


We train normal people for out of the ordinary emergencies or disasters.



We empower small teams to tackle large challenges.



We help people to protect what their insurance cannot replace.

Our story


Chris Wharton-Founder

Chris is a former firefighter and hazardous materials technician. After meeting and marrying his wife in California, Chris initially planned on creating an adventure sports business to support his paragliding addiction. That all changed in 2011.



When the big one hit Japan, Chris volunteered to respond. What he witnessed left a deep impression on him. On the flight home Chris decided his new mission in life was to  help people to prepare for emergencies and disasters.



Chris travels to clients large and small and in  a fun and engaging manner, he trains them to be ready for the worst life can throw at us.

Using tools you will find in every home or office, Basecamp trains you to prepare for the day first responders are delayed, or worse, absent.

What we do

We come to you!

Home, Business, Community or Congregation. We come to you. 

Class sizes 10-50 students (generally)

We will take on larger classes, 250 students was our record... who wants to help us break that?

We leave you... Ready to face anything!

We prepare you to face emergencies/disasters. Most of all we leave you ready to protect the things insurance cannot replace. Human Life.

Emergency/disaster Readiness... our blog

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