Our Course


In March of 2011, Basecamp members deployed to Iwate Prefecture in Japan to assist in Search and Rescue Operations. We witnessed a scene of pure devastation and on our return we vowed to change the way people prepare for the worst.

Our course is designed for companies, communities, families and individuals. We teach you how to make and use your own disaster kit. We show you how to plan for and survive a range of potential emergency situations.

We are not doomsday preppers. Nor are we gun toting, bug eating survivalists.

This is a real world course for real people. We do not prepare you for the end of days, Armageddon or invasion by some foreign power.

We prepare you for events that actually CAN happen; an accident on an isolated road, a sudden weather event or an earthquake or tornado. The kind of events most of us fear but do not plan for.

We are emergency responders who know what skills matter in these situations.

The course is fun, informative and for people of all backgrounds. Our instructors are passionate about saving lives. Do you want your company, community or family ready for a bad day? Contact us.  Tell us about your unique situation and together we will help you prepare, plan and execute effective solutions to master these threats. Together we can and will reduce the human impact of disasters.

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