About Us


Chris Wharton    Founder and Instructor
Chris is a former firefighter & Hazardous Materials Technician. He has worked in the Middle East, Europe, East Africa, and Asia. A paragliding fanatic, Chris originally started an outdoor company (he wanted to avoid real work by creating an extreme sports utopia.) His experiences during the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami in March of 2011 caused the birth of Basecamp-Expeditions and its commitment to saving lives BEFORE a disaster strikes rather than after one does. Chris is opinionated, outspoken and not as funny as he thinks he is. But… he is very committed to passing his skills on to all those he comes into contact with and showing people how simple, inexpensive, and realistic it can be for EVERYONE to be able to master bad situations. Chris is also manager of the Typo Department… it’s all his fault folks. If you need to complain, Chris is your man. 


Jon Marr  Account Manager and Instructor
 Jon is a serving Fire Captain. He is a Hazardous Materials Technician and a National Registry EMT. He is devoted to saving lives, either riding on the big red truck as a firefighter or in educating the general public through Basecamp-Expeditions. Jon has travelled extensively. He has served in a number of challenging environments and often during critical moments in time. Jon is the analytical person on the team, a logical, solution orientated leader. He is also a brand new father and is still learning that he may be the boss at work but when he returns home to his wife and child… he is anything but the boss. Jon is your contact for new projects in the field of disaster readiness, if you want your company, community or organization to be better prepared for a very bad day. Contact Jon. 


Most people fear a major disaster but then, most people do not prepare for one either.

We asked ourselves why.

The information available to most people today is either too little or too extreme. Canned foods and candles or doomsday prepping and bug eating.

We decided to change that.

 Our mission is to teach companies, communities, families and individuals how to prepare for and overcome a range of natural or man-made disasters.

Realistic, economical and potentially life-saving skills, that anyone can learn!

If a sudden event does occur, are you ready? Is your place of work ready? Is your family ready?

Ignoring the threat that a disaster could strike is one plan of action.

Hoping that a rescue or relief agency will appear with a magic wand and make it all go away if in fact disaster does strike is another plan of action.

We show you what you can really do.

How you can really influence your chances of survival.

If the worst does happen and disaster does pay you a visit we want you to be really ready!

(No zombies or bug eating involved… really sorry)